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About the Art

J..J. Cunningham Gallery specializes in vintage Representative paintings from turn of the century, along with Scandinavian Modern motifs from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Scenes are usually of Paris, Italy, and Denmark.

Most vintage Representative pieces were by artists who graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, classically trained and employing the light and color techniques of the French Palette. Which they learned by study trips to Paris after graduating from the Royal Academy.

 Scandinavian Modern is aimed at reducing the forms, shapes, and elements of a motif down to their basics, light and color being brighter and more cheerful. Simply put, it aims to leave out as many details as possible.

Whether vintage Representative or modern Scandinavian, the subliminal  message is life is sweet, beautiful, and lovely. In other words, they serve as a window into the eternal truth about life.

The key is to selecting a painting that will remain fresh and alive for decades is to pick the one whose subjective mood and emotion you believe is good and true about life. As the American painter, Robert Henri said, "That which is worthwhile in painting is the expression of human emotion in it."



We acquire our pieces at old-line auction houses in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

Vast majority are "listed" artists. Pieces come with complete biographies that list their training and education, exhibitions, awards, studies abroad, museum collections and other fascinating information.

The art is cleaned and restored (if necessary) upon arrival. Frames are likewise restored or replaced. The result are paintings as fresh and bright as the day they were painted.






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